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Claudia Chadwick Testimonial "I used to sell cosmetics in high end prestigous department stores. Lines like Elizabeth Arden, Christian Dior, really high end skin care. It is just amazing to me, you would think all this high tech, high end super pharmaceutical type skin care would be more powerful, but I am finding it is the reverse that (all natural) Shea Therapy is probably working better then this stuff that is ... full of chemicals." Claudia Chadick in Seymour, CT.

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Kina ONeal Testimonial "Regarding my grandson, my daughter really likes (Shea Therapy) for him because he has extremely dry skin. She uses the Shea Therapy and it really keeps his skin moist throughout the day. I am a big fan of the (Foaming Sugar) scrubs. I prefer to use it as a bath soap and I find it makes the water feel smoother, softer, and that softness (on my skin) tends to last throughout the day." Kina O'Neal in New Orleans, LA.

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Bryce & Joyce Woodbury Testimonial "When we were on a trip to San Diego we both got sunburned. We went back to the hotel room and I put the (Shea Therapy) on. It cooled us right down .. we didn't feel the burn anymore and (the burn) was two shades lighter. (For peeling) I just had a little flake in my forehead and he (Bryce) did a little on the top of his head." Bryce & Joyce Woodbury in Saint George, UT.

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Georgetta Monroe Testimonial "The other day I was on Skype with my sister ... and she kept looking at me and I asked why she kept looking at me. She asked if I was getting younger, or what was I doing? Something is missing. I said it is probably that dark that was around my eyes. She asked how I got rid of them and I said it is Cloud Canyon Shea Therapy." Gergetta Monroe in Las Vegas, NV.

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