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Question: Who is the owner of Cloud Canyon™?

Answer: The owner is Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. at 963 East Johnstown Road, Gahanna, Ohio 43230.

Question: Do Cloud Canyon™ products need to be kept cool?

Answer: At Cloud Canyon™, we are proud of the fact that we use only natural ingredients that are good for you. We realize that we could compromise the quality of our products by using chemicals and processes that would make it easier to ship and store our products. However, the creator and designer of all Cloud Canyon™ specialty products is committed to providing the end user with the highest quality experience possible.

Question: Is special care and handling required for Cloud Canyon products?

Answer: The uniquely made Cloud Canyon™ products have special handling requirements, and need to be kept from becoming too warm during shipping, and need to be continuously stored in places that are not too warm, and cannot be exposed to heat. They are shipped with cool-packs to keep the products from becoming too warm during shipping. Our unique specially made natural products are very cool, and need to be kept cool.

Question: Why does Cloud Canyon™ uses Consultants for distribution?

Answer: For that reason, Cloud Canyon™ uses Consultants for our distribution system. Consultants, who specialize in handling Cloud Canyon products, and care about our poducts, will take better care of the products than big stores with huge warehouses. Therefore, when our Cloud Canyon™ products get into the hands of the end consumer, the quality of the products has not been compromised by improper storage and exposure to heat, and the end consumer can enjoy the full benefits of Cloud Canyon™ specialty products.

Question: At Cloud Canyon™, is the consumer is the boss?

Answer: At Cloud Canyon™, we believe that our products should be all-natural, even if it requires more TLC and special handling and storage. Our customers deserve the best, and Consultants makes it possible for us to educate our Consultants and customers about how to care for these products, right up until they get into the hands of the consumer, to give the end users the best possible overall experience.

Question: What kind of candles do you make?

Answer: The soy wax candles are made with 100% soy wax. You will see in the market that almost all "soy" candles are a "soy blend". The reason for this is that 100% soy can appear mottled and uneven. Our designer has invented a natural secret process to counter that effect.

A soy wax candle will burn cleanly and slowly and does not produce black smoke as paraffin wax will. Over time, smoke from other types of candles can damage your furniture, windows, and walls with a sticky mess. It is also unhealthy to breathe these fumes.

The type and size and placement of the wick contributes to how well a candle burns and our designer does what is the best.

Soy wax is made from the oil of soybeans. It is a completely renewable product, American grown, and carbon neutral.

Our designer has a fine fragrance collection she uses for designing her candles.

Many candles are only scented on the top third of the candle. Our designer's are scented 100% from top to bottom.

The eight oz candles have a burntime of 40 to 60 hours, and they come with a gift box and tissue paper wrapping.

The candles are hand crafted and hand poured according to the standard our designer has set.

Question: Do you have a Shea Butter product?

Answer: Yes. Another product from our designer is Shea Therapy. This is a product of shea butter and high quality ingredients that has a very smooth and light creamy feel on your skin. Our designer has a proprietary process for creating this luxurious product. Avid fans say that there are no other shea butters that compare to our designer's. Unlike many popular Shea products, the number one ingredient is shea butter.

Our designer uses fair trade Shea Butter from West Africa for her designs, Sunflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil from Morocco, and Jojoba oil.

Question: What information do you have about your Foaming Sugar Scrubs?

Answer: Our designer has created a luxurious foaming sugar scrub. It is thick, whipped, glides like shaving cream foamer, blended with shea butter, jojoba, argan, and sunflower oils, and mixed with organic pure cane sugar scrub. It can be used from face to toes. Our designer uses fair trade Shea Butter from West Africa for her designs, Sunflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil from Morocco, and Jojoba oil.